Written by Judy - John's Soulmate  

I could be up here for hours to tell you all of John's wonderful characteristics.
But we all already know that since we shared some time of his life with him.

Whether you were his Mom or Dad and changed his diapers, or his brothers or sisters who had their bottle or cookies stolen by him.

Or his Aunt or Uncle and was proud to have such a cute nephew who could fish for hours.

Or were lucky enough to be his cousin and had endless hours to play with him.

Maybe you went to school with him at OLA, Xaverain, Baruch or were a Boy Scout with him.

Quite a few of you played basketball, football, skied, played card games and went to the Met's spring training with him.

Or maybe you just sat with him and had a beer and watched the Jets, Mets, Rangers or Knicks games.

But I'm sure many of you played with him at his most recent passionate pastime - golf.

I'm sure that whatever time you spent with him was fun and special.

He may have touched your life by being your Boss, Co-worker, Coach, Uncle, Godfather, Business Partner, Captain and to me and I say this in quotes "My Husband".

But to all of us, he was a "special and wonderful friend".

John loved life and lived each day to it's fullest and he would want us all to continue doing just that.

John would not want us to feel sadness, pain or shed tears.

He would want us all to sit back and think of a time that you shared with him and I'm sure a smile will be on your face.

Please always hold those great memories of John forever in your heart.

He was "DABEST"!

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